Flu Season Protection

Surviving the most dreaded time of year

Gloria Gjuraj, Staff Reporter

As temperatures drop and the seasons change, you want to make sure you are well prepared for the upcoming flu season. Recently BK had an opportunity for students to receive a flu shot, but no worries if you missed out on that! There are plenty of other ways to stay safe and flu-free.

Make sure you are always washing your hands for at least 20 seconds with warm water and soap. You must keep your hands germ-free during the flu season because you do not want to be carrying any bacteria. Our hands touch many things throughout the day so we need to make sure they are clean. Along with this, avoid touching your face and specifically your mouth and nose. You do not want to spread any bacteria from your unclean hands into your mouth or your nose. 

Another key component to staying healthy is making sure your immune system is healthy and happy. Make sure to take all your vitamins, eat all your vegetables and stay active. Vitamins and supplements can help boost your immune system as well as a healthy diet. 

We are all experts at avoiding germs because of COVID-19, but I’m sure this guide can still be helpful. Make sure to stay healthy and active during the upcoming flu season. Be sure to stay away from others that are sick and do not spread any of your germs to others.