Plan Your Tan

Stella Shaw, Social Media Manager

This tanning oil allows you to have moisturized skin while baking in the sun.(Photo custody of

As the temperature in Florida starts to heat up and the skies start to clear up, the sales of tanning oils and lotions go through the roof. 

We can now throw out our self tanners and trade them for something that will give us a more natural glow: UV Rays! But — of course— the sun alone is never enough. 

After baking for hours in the sun to guarantee that you will obtain that perfect bronzed look, you must ensure that you maximize the sun’s effects.  

The Maui Babe Browning Lotion is one of my favorite products to use whenever I go tanning. When applying the lotion, the brown color immediately gives you a nice glow. This product will give you an easy and effective tanning experience and also does not contain harsh chemicals like other products might. On the other hand, I would recommend using a towel that you do not care for when laying in the sun, the browning lotion’s color — while amplifying your results — can rub off on your towel or bathing suit depending on how much you use. The smell of this lotion is also a point of concern, if you like smelling very faintly of teriyaki sauce or coffee beans and coconuts, this is the product for you! You can find this on Amazon, Target, Ulta as well as other places for prices lower than twenty dollars.

If you enjoy a good tanning oil, the Hawaiian Tropic dark tanning oil will lessen your time in the sun while also nourishing your skin. Unlike lotions, this oil will not give you the extra bronze but instead will give your skin a shiny appearance. Because this product has the benefit of nourishing your skin, the oil will be applied thicker and you will need to use more oil to for the product to reach your whole body. The tanning oil can be found on Amazon, Walmart, Target, and Walgreens for around ten dollars. 

Neither of these products contain sunscreen, so be sure to apply lots before soaking in the UV rays!