Shaking Japan

7.4 magnitude earthquake hits Japan’s coast

Elena Vincenty, Editor-in-Chief

Sushi maker Akio Hanzawa walks in front of his damaged restaurant in Shiroishi, Miyagi prefecture on March 17, 2022, after a 7.3-magnitude earthquake jolted east Japan the night before. (Photo courtesy of CNN/Getty Images/CHARLY_TRIBALLEAU). (CHARLY TRIBALLEAU)

In Japan on March 16 2022 a 7.4 magnitude earthquake hit eastern Japan, Fukushima.

This earthquake, cut power to millions of homes, killed at least four people and injured over 100.

Fukushima, a region that was previously hit by a powerful quake and tsunami 11 years ago due to a nuclear power plant meltdown, was devastated once more and is under another tsunami advisory as of March 16.

According to CNN, the quake hit depths of 37 miles and the warning tsunami hit heights reaching up to 1 meter above normal tidal levels. Soon following the earthquake, and 8-inch tsunami occurred along the coastline of Japan. Japanese citizens have been urged to stay away from the coast.

The center of the recent quake was just 55 miles away from the quake that occurred 11 years ago that resulted in one of “the worst nuclear disasters since the 1986 Chernobyl incident” according to CNN. This disaster killed more than 22,000.

The 2011 quake was about 63 times stronger and released about 500 times more energy than the March 16 quake.

So far, only four have been confirmed dead but the list could still rise. So far no country has given inquiry about sending out help.