Stay Spring Forward

Daylight savings should be discontinued as it is unnecessary to society

Ava Liuzzo, Graphic Design Editor

As we have experienced, daylight savings has just ended, and I think it would be best to keep it that way. 

Daylight savings is not only completely irrelevant modernly, but it is also a hassle and can often be confusing to those who are not up to date with this change. Daylight savings began at a time of history when railroads and farmers needed a change of time to stay on track. Now, during current times, daylight savings is not needed. It simply does not correspond with our day-to-day life, and therefore does not apply to our societal needs. 

Additionally, if one had to choose between spring forward or fall back, most people would choose spring forward because of the long-lasting appearance of the sun as opposed to its setting by 4 o’clock. Some states have even banned daylight savings and have stopped using it, though Florida still practices daylight savings. This practice is still being discussed by the Florida state government, so it may be banished in years to come. 

Spring forward allows for the sun to rise and set later in the day (Photo Courtesy of Creative Commons).

Lastly, daylight savings is unnecessary because it halts human beings’ productivity. Due to the quick change from sunlight to darkness, it is common for individuals to be unmotivated to accomplish work and other forms of productivity. When it is light out, people are motivated and automatically filled with enough energy to continue with their day. In addition to these facts, daylight savings has dozens of negative effects and few positive effects. 

Daylight savings is simply a routine that society is forced to uphold. It is irrelevant to society and is simply confusing to those involved. Not only is this true, but losing sleep is another huge negative effect since students don’t get enough sleep as it is. These students are greatly impacted by the loss of an hour, which can affect their school work and attention span. In all, daylight savings should be banished and should not be used globally as it is ineffective and not useful to modern society.