It’s Comfort Movie Season

What makes up the best comfort movie to watch at home

Ava Liuzzo, Graphic Design Editor

According to, a comfort movie should “transport viewers to a world they’ll want to revisit.”

In my opinion, however, for a movie to be considered a “comfort movie,” three adjectives must accurately describe it.

First, in my view, the best comfort movie should be relaxing. You should know the plot of these scenes like the back of your hand; therefore, there should be no surprises in the movie script. Additionally, there should be no jump scares, plot twists, or a single action that you do not already see coming. 

Next, the movie should be uplifting. It should have a happy and perfect Disney Channel type of ending, such as the ending of Tangled, Hercules, and 10 Things I Hate About You. Once you finish watching these movies, you automatically feel filled with energy and excitement to make each day a great one. Not only do you automatically feel better, but you also feel motivated and unstoppable from any obstacles that come your way.

Put your legs up and relax with your ideal comfort movie (Photo Courtesy of Creative Commons).

Lastly, the word accessible must describe the desired comfort movie, or else it is not reliable to count on to cure your need for the ultimate comfort movie. To ensure that your favorite comfort movie will be ready for you to use at all times, your best bet is to purchase it on DVD. If that is too old-fashioned for you, you can just hope Netflix or your streaming service of choice intends on keeping it available for your viewing pleasure.

These attributes are the reason why Ice Princess, Clueless, Princess Bride, and so many other relaxing, uplifting, and accessible movies will always be the best to watch. When you are in the mood for the ultimate comfort movie, just grab a blanket, a comfortable spot on the couch or a bed, and some snacks and you are ready to chill for the rest of your day.