Lady Crusader’s Soccer District Battle

BK and Santa Fe face battle it out for Districts

Audrey Moody, Web Copy Editor

The BK Crusaders girls’ soccer team faced off against the Santa Fe Raiders on Feb. 3 for the district trophy. The winner of the game would go to Regionals.

The game started off with the soccer ball going back and forth from one goal to the other, but the Crusaders were more predominant. In the first half and just a few minutes after the match started, senior McKenna Gregory scored a goal with an assist by senior Abby Measor. The Raiders did not have time to recover, as just a couple minutes later, sophomore Alana Maki scored a goal with an assist by Measor again. The crowd was getting louder and louder as Maki scored another goal later in the half. The first half was over and the score was 3-0 Crusaders.

In the second half, the Raiders wanted revenge. They were more predominant with the ball and almost scored multiple times, but junior Sierra Smith as the goalie stopped all of their attempts at earning points. With the sky getting darker and darker and the clock winding down, the game seemed over. Then, sophomore Hannah Schnellbacker stole the ball and scored her first goal of the game. The Raiders tried for one last attempt, but the clock hit zero and the game was over.

The Crusaders not only won the match 4-0, but won the District trophy to become Champions.

Multiple Crusaders take the ball to score a goal. (Photo credit to Addison Mark.)
Senior McKenna Gregory lines up to take the shot. (Photo credit to Addison Mark.)
Multiple Crusaders run up to take the ball away to score a goal. (Photo credit to Addison Mark.)
Senior Abby Measor plans to throw the ball to a Crusader. (Photo credit to Addison Mark.)