Junior Ladies Take All

Junior ladies beat the Senior women in annual powderpuff game

Jessica Golden, Design and Layout Editor

Junior ladies storming the field after winning
Senior coaches conversing with the game refs
Junior Stella Shaw running the ball
Senior coaches Nick Ruen, Pat McCarthy and Brian Gjoka celebrating after a touchdown made by the Senior women
Senior women supporting from the sideline
Senior women cheering before the game begins
Senior quarterback Emily Williams consulting with offense coach Brad Miller

The annual Powderpuff football game took place this past Monday, January  24. The powderpuff game is a fundraiser for the BKHS Softball team that takes place every year between the girls in the Junior and Senior class. The Junior ladies’ practices were supervised by football coach, Greg Case. The junior football boys that helped coach the team were Michael Leonard, Alan Perez, Will Kachergus, Max Davis, Tyler Driggers, Price Watson and Boyd Curry. The boys hosted four weekday practices leading up to the game. The Senior women’s practices were supervised by football coach, Tim Duclos. The Senior football players who helped with practices were Cal Leonard, Brian Gjoka, Marvin Gjini, Dorian Ujka, Brad Miller, Baylor Newsom, Cory McCalip and Andrew Tabor. Seniors also practiced four times prior to the game. The game was two 20 minute halves with a 10 minute halftime. The Junior Ladies won 20-6 for the first time in a long time.