Showdown VS Sharks

BK Crusaders take on the PV Sharks

Cate Dudley, Editor-in-Chief

Last Thursday, Dec. 3, the Bishop Kenny Boys’ soccer team suffered a tough defeat against the Ponte Vedra Sharks.

PV scored early in the game, with the score at 0-1 at the first half water break. 

At about two minutes to the half, midfielder and forward, Senior Nathan Hawara turned it around and scored for BK, tying the game at the half, 1-1.

The tie did not last long, with the Sharks scoring the final goal of the game at ten minutes into the second half. With an intense back and forth in the second half, neither team gained enough ground on the other side to score.

BK ended the game with possession on their side of the field.

Several free kicks were awarded to BK in both halves, all were missed. Players had to be subbed for BK due to injuries on multiple occasions, possibly impacting the final outcome of the game.

Final score 2-1 Sharks