Time is Money

Is it better to spend time buying a thoughtful gift or should you quickly buy what they ask for

Ava Liuzzo, Staff Reporter

Whether you are buying a gift for your best friend or playing Secret Santa with your family members, buying a gift is something almost everyone does. The question is, however, which type of gift is the best.

It may be obvious to some people that buying a thoughtful gift is the way to go, but there is always the possibility that they will not like what you pick out for them. A thoughtful gift shows that you care and pay attention to even the little things they may say. For example, if your family member says that they like a certain jacket, getting them that jacket would be a thoughtful gift you know they will love. Most of the time, it is not as easy to get a gift both thoughtful and coveted by the gift receiver.

(Photo Courtesy of Creative Commons)

On the other hand, getting someone a gift that they specifically ask for could be thoughtful as well. Getting someone what they ask for is both simple and thoughtful. Not only does this show that you pay attention to them, but it also guarantees that they will like your gift(s). In my opinion, any type of gift is thoughtful, but if someone asks you for something reasonable that you know they would both love and use often, you should get that for them.

For the majority of people, the amount that gift receivers will appreciate a gift is dependent on how much money the gift giver spent on said gift. In actuality, the amount that the gift giver values a gift does not depend on the amount of money it costs, but on the amount of thought that went into it.

Once again, gifts of any kind show your thankfulness and appreciation of that individual, so any gift should be appreciated by the receiver. In all, thoughtful gifts are better than simple gifts—it is just dependent on whether the recipient has asked you for something specific already.