Here for Halftime

Review of the Super Bowl LV halftime show


Kevin Mazur/Getty Images for TW

The Weeknd performed solo for the Super Bowl LV halftime show.

Abigail Parker, Copy Editor

On Sunday, Feb. 8, families gathered nationwide to watch football’s biggest event of the year: the Super Bowl. This year marked the 55th Super Bowl. While the game and the commercials are quite the spectacle, the halftime show takes the most attention.

This year, The Weeknd was chosen to headline the halftime show; however, he was the only singer to perform, unlike most halftime shows. A show choir and lengthy group of background dancers accompanied the well-known singer, but no other renounced singers were present.

“There wasn’t any room to fit it in the narrative, in the story I was telling in the performance,” The Weeknd said at the NFL Network game-day interview.

The performance in itself was well worth the hype it received. The Weeknd combined all of his most famous songs in a mashup that had everyone nodding their heads while watching on the television.

Accompanying the singer was a choir as well as a large group of background dancers that were dressed like him, all of which were socially distanced.

The background dancers’ heads were wrapped up to fit the story of the performance and this was a smart way to keep safe during the pandemic as the dancer’s faces were mostly covered.

The performance started off with The Weeknd’s “Call Out My Name” from his 2018 EP “My Dear Melancholy,” and ended with the hit song “Blinding Lights” from his newest album “After Hours.”

In between songs, The Weeknd moved around from standing with the choir, to being inside a lit up box and, finally, on the field with his lookalike background dancers.

The performance was one to remember, much like every other Super Bowl halftime show; however, this show will especially be remembered for its’ solo artist and practicality during the pandemic.