Humans of BK: Frankie Alvarez

Junior Frankie Alvarez talks about upcoming fall production

Ilaria Georgi, Web Manager

“Frankie really brings a level of joy to the department,” said senior Lily McCauley. (Ilaria Georgi)

“I do St. Vincent de Paul, Student Council, and Theatre. I’ve been doing theatre since sophomore year. I took it as an elective freshman year by mistake because I didn’t get into Home Ec. After being there, though, it made me realize I really liked doing it so I tried out for the play sophomore year. Doing theatre has made me more active and more confident.

I’m really looking forward to the show this Friday. The show is called “Together Again,” and it’s a collection of pieces from everyone in Theatre. My friend Mark Pritchard and I are the emcees for the night. It’s gonna be cool. We had to write our script for ourselves, and that took a lot of time. Lots of trial and error, seeing what jokes hit and what jokes missed. The rehearsal process was chaotic. It was fun, though. It’s good to have everyone back together again. It’s been a long time since we’ve performed with each other.”

-Junior Frankie Alvarez