Crusaders Shutout Senators

Bishop Kenny Crusaders vs Fletcher Senators in preseason scrimmage highlights


Charli Esposito

Crusaders posed for end of game victory, celebrating their 4-0 win.

Charli Esposito, Web and Social Media Manager

After coming back from a record setting 2019 postseason as regional champions, Bishop Kenny started off their 2020 season against all-around rivals, the Fletcher Senators.

Juniors Martin Pineros and Jaden Cortez and senior Andrew Pia led off this pre-season game as Captain with strong hold against opposing Senators.

Crusaders started out with the ball after the coin flip and senior Christian Henderson protecting goal. Henderson performed multiple saves throughout the game, ultimately keeping the Senators from scoring on Crusaders.  As the Crusaders hit their stride, junior Nathan Hawara, with an assisted goal from senior Adam Cabrey came straight through the Senators defense, as Senators call for a time out. A second goal on the Senators is made by Cabrey with an assist from junior Raf Montalvo.

Into the second half of the game, the Senators continue to try and make an advance on the field but Pineros scored a third goal with an assist from Cabrery. Near the end of the game, senior Luke O’Keefe scored the final goal as a penalty kick on Senators for a foul on junior David Castillo.

The final score was 4-0 Crusaders.