Week in the Life of a Kenny Kid with COVID

Day by day breakdown of a student with COVID


Jessica Golden

I do distance learning from my computer, with a treat to keep me company.

Jessica Golden, Design and Layout Editor

I’m sure you’re all tired of hearing about COVID, and to be completely honest, I am too. Just when I thought COVID was dying down, BAM I tested positive. Over the weekend of October 9, I attended my dance studio for classes. It seemed like a normal weekend until the next week I started to receive news of some of my teammates testing positive on Wednesday. Although I felt no symptoms, my mom and I figured it was better to be safe than sorry. On Thursday night, I got tested at 8:30 PM and at 10 I got the dreadful news.

My first day of quarantine, Friday, was not the easiest. I woke up with a raging headache and to over 20 texts from people. All asking the same question, “Do you seriously have COVID?” to which I would respond, “Yes, unfortunately I do.” I zoomed into a few classes to take tests before the quarter ended, then slept for the rest of the day.

Day two I still only had a headache. It felt like a common cold. I was super bored and missed my friends already. One of my sweet friends came by and dropped off some homemade cookies at my front door. Even though I could only see him through the window, it made me feel much better.

Day three was when my symptoms began to worsen. Along with the headache, I had body aches, congestion, and I felt extremely weak. Day four was the worst of all of them. Another friend brought me a pint of Bruster’s ice cream that night. These acts of kindness brought me so much happiness  when I felt so down. Day five I felt equally as awful but continued on. I joined all of my zoom classes. Teachers have been very understanding of my situation and have done everything in their power to help me do well.

I started to feel better on day six, which was Wednesday. Doing school and spending my free time sleeping, since I could not do much else. On Thursday and Friday I felt completely better and started re decorating my room due to complete boredom.

My quarantine is over on Monday, Oct. 26 because that is 10 days from my positive test. Overall, COVID has been quite awful. Wear your masks, social distance and stay safe because COVID is no joke!