Junior-Senior-Freshmen-Sophomore Patio?


Sarah Roberts

Fewer juniors and senior sit on the “Junior-Senior” patio.

Sarah Roberts, Business and Managing Editor

What started off as the unofficial “Junior-Senior” patio is now home to all grade levels during lunch.
The small patio between the cafeteria and the art room was a place for juniors and seniors to have lunch and now it seems that all classes are there, leaving some juniors and seniors looking for other places to sit.

During my freshman year, I did not dare to try and step foot into the patio because it was the juniors and seniors’ patio. Even as a sophomore with friends in the junior and senior class I did not even bother trying to sit there. The sophomores and freshmen sat in the cafeteria close to the lunch lines or on the smaller patio between the 200 and 300 buildings.

The “Junior-Senior” patio was an upperclassmen privilege if you got to junior and senior year, but if you had friends in the higher grade levels, maybe you could be granted permission to sit there during lunch.

I understand that the first day of school only had freshmen so they could sit where ever they wanted and Bishop Kenny had to add more seating outside to uphold social distancing guidelines. Even with the additional tables, it seems that the majority of students that sit at the now “Junior-Senior-Freshman-Sophomore” patio is freshmen and sophomores.

It can be a struggle to find a table to sit at with my friends because so many people go to the patio for lunch. Even when my friends and I find a table, when I look around at the patio and who is sitting at the tables, I do not see many senior or juniors. It has gotten to a point where I will eat in the newspaper room three out of five days so that I do not have to deal with the pain of finding a place to sit.
I do not mind underclassmen sitting in a upperclassmen spot because of the limited seating in the cafeteria and the “Freshmen-Sophomore” patio, but when the majority of students that sit in a supposedly “junior and senior” privilege spot, it can take away some senior year experiences.