Get Hyped for Mars

Our technology should be able to determine life on Mars by now

Audrey Moody, Web Copy Editor

Sophomore Audrey Moody (Sarah Roberts)

For years, scientists have been talking about going to Mars, the fourth planet in our solar system. But whats so fancy about the red planet?

Well, it lies in a little thing called microorganisms. Basically, these little guys tell scientists if the planet is livable or not. If they exist on the planet, you can live on it, and vise versa if there are no organisms.

So, after dropping that bombshell, what are my thoughts on living on this planet? Well, Im excited to see if we can inhabit it in the future. But one thing thats annoying me is that scientists are going back and forth on the issue. It seems that they have been saying that this planet can have human life on it, but they have been saying that since around the mid 1970s. Others are saying humans can’t live on it at all.

So, why is it taking so long to see if microorganisms live on the planet? I know I am no expert when it comes to science, but its been almost 50 years since scientists stated that. So it makes me wonder, will scientists ever know is the planet can house life on it? And if so, when?

You could argue that I am being impatient, and you are probably right. But I am not against the idea of inhabiting Mars. In fact, Im excited to see what is next! We, as a society, have come very far with improving technology. So, we can probably identify by now if the planet has microorganisms on it or not with our said improved technology. Scientists already discovered water on the planet, so whats next to find? Who knows, maybe there are some animals living underground that are going undiscovered as we speak!

To all the pessimists saying Curiosity killed the cat, well, curiously also discovered many great things! And who knows, maybe well discover those darn aliens on the red planet too.