Paradise on Netflix

A personal review on new series Outerbanks

Mary Elizabeth Shoemaker, Sports Editor

As I’m sure many of you have heard by now, Netflix recently released an original series called Outerbanks. It’s about teens living in Outerbanks, NC who are on the hunt for hidden treasure along with figuring out several other life issues. 

I’m not going to lie, the show is a lot, and by that I mean the plot has so many elements and takes so many different turns that it seems super unrealistic when you put it all together. Now that’s to be expected of a Tv show, obviously, but you reach a certain point where it just becomes too much, and Outerbanks certainly passed that point.

That being said, the show is still good. For how crazy the plot is, the actors did a very good job in making it not seem too cheesy and there aren’t so many episodes that it starts to get boring. There is a good amount of more mature themes, such as violence, language, and illegal substances, but if you are comfortable with that I definitely recommend watching it.