You’re Cancelled!

Toxicity of cancel culture over social media


Rita Albert, Editor-in-Chief

Cancel culture has become very prominent in the realm of social media. According to, cancel culture is a form of group shaming in which a large number of people completely withdraw support from a public figure after they have done something that can be considered offensive. It has affected a number of celebrities from Kanye West to Lori Loughlin. Cancel culture should not exist because it creates a toxic stigma that people are not allowed to make mistakes.

The entire lives of celebrities are made public, including their mistakes. Everybody makes mistakes, yet it seems when celebrities make them, people like to “cancel” them. This is highly unfair towards them because even though they are in the spotlight, it does not mean they are not people too. They have feelings and make mistakes just like all people do. It would be like if you were “cancelled” because you accidentally stepped on someone’s shoe. It destructive and brings even more hate to social media.

In the midst of all the hatred and negativity online, society should try to implement positivity and bringing each other up rather than bringing each other down. Remember that celebrities are human to and can get hurt just like everyone else. It is more important to pay attention to how they deal with that mistake and grow from it.