Seniors Take on Covid-19

Katie Loberger, Business Manager

Everything has been taken away. The seniors have felt deep loss as their year has been stripped away. Prom, Grad Bash, Senior Retreat and Graduation are just key events that are not happening or will not be the same since the venue is closed. Senior year is supposed to get better towards the end but this virus has stopped any plans one had. This was where seniors had their last laughs and cries with their class before they headed off to different colleges all around. School was never supposed to end so abruptly for them.

Life has never hit so hard. We sit here crying, missing the memories we once had at a school we no longer know if we will see again as students. There was so much yet to come and we had not even gotten to the best part yet. Prom has just passed and some of us have bought a dress that are not returnable and decided to have a zoom prom. Seniors are trying to cope with how the rest of their senior year is going.

It is the sad that senior year is over other than for the fact that school must go on. I feel for previous classes that dealt any sort of natural disaster or when nuclear threats were a thing. Someone who has dedicated to giving their all for four years to get into a decent college and prepare for their career should not have their fun taken away by something so severe and threatening to them. I wish there was a compensation for us. The reality of life feels so altered to seniors and they know things will never feel right because they never got what they deserved. I thought i had time to say goodbye to my friends, teachers and classmates, but I didn’t. So goodbye senior year, it was fun while it lasted.