The Perfect Pooches

Ranking dog profiles sent from students of BK

Abigail Parker, Copy Editor

We asked you to send us your dog’s profiles and now I am going to rank them out of ten. Be prepared for the cuteness overload!

Our first dog up is the adorable Maximus. He is a four year old Doberman Pinscher who’s favorite activities include cuddling, playing fetch and chasing other animals. Max is such a charmer! His rank is an eight out of ten.


The second dog on the stage is Mr. Bear. This little man is an eleven year old bloodhound and english lab mix. His favorite activities include swimming in lakes and mud puddles as well as play fighting and socializing. Bear is so lovable! His rank is a seven out of ten.


The next good boy on the stage is Rooty. Rooty is a seven year old catahoula. He enjoys barking at nothing and chewing his toys. This big boy is the cutest! His ranking is a nine out of ten.


The fourth dog is a sweet girl named Diamond. She is a nine year old pomeranian and chihuahua mix. Some of her favorite activities are napping, watching tv and making new friends. She is so adorable! Her rank is an eight out of ten.


Last, but certainly not least, we have the enchanting Ellie. Ellie is a ten month old maltipoo, our youngest contestant yet! Some of her favorite activities include playing fetch, going out to eat with her family, and playing dress up. This little puppy is so precious! Her rank is a seven out of ten.