Tornado Takes Tennessee

Nashville community devastated by natural disaster

Dailey Jackson, Managing Editor

Early morning on Tuesday March 3, severe storms and tornadoes plowed through Nashville, Tennessee, and the neighboring counties, killing over twenty-four people and sending nearly one hundred fifty to hospitals around the state. This tornado was the second deadliest in history, only following March 22, 1952, when a passing twister killed thirty-eight people in the state.

As of Wednesday, March 4, hundreds of citizens were reported still missing and another hundred needed to be relocated after their homes and businesses were destroyed by the storm. Because the tornado passed through the city while most people were asleep, many didn’t have to escape their homes or take shelter, increasing the devastation.

This disaster came on the same day as Super Tuesday, a Tuesday during the presidential election year when fifteen states and territories hold a presidential primary before the national election. Election officials say the tornado did in fact impact voting in the Tennessee primary, forcing some of the polling sites around Nashville to be moved or kept open later.