The Second Matthew’s Bridge

BK’s cross country runners’ trail renovated

Olivia Burch | Staff Reporter

The cross country team has existed since Bishop Kenny was first built in 1952.

Not to be confused with the track team, which runs quicker speeds during shorter distances, cross country is a sport which runs much longer distances. Each teammate runs multiple miles on a regular basis to enhance their distance and speed; they also run races such as Katie Caples Invitational meet and Bale-n-Trail Cross Country Original.

Last year, the trail the team used to practice on campus was washed away by Hurricane Matthew, causing the athletes to run around the ditch instead of over it.

On September 1, head of BK’s maintenance staff, John Homa, and a team of workers began to build a replacement for the bridge. Despite the interference of Hurricane Irma, they finished the bridge on September 18 with a new, more stable bridge for all the runners to employ.