Beating the Bulldogs

Bishop Kenny Crusaders beat Bolles Bulldogs in final score of 61 to 55.


Abigail Parker, Copy Editor

The bleachers were filled to the brim with lively students decked in black. Roars of excitement were heard from outside of the gym. The boys varsity basketball team defeated Bolles.

While the boys were preparing for the game, the stands quickly filled up with fans of Crusaders as well as Bulldogs. The Crusader student section was drowning in students eager for the game to start.

As the first quarter started, the scores were lagging, but later proved to be quick for the Crusaders. With an ending score of 15 to 9, the Crusaders were in the lead, ready to start the next quarter.

During the second quarter, the court was filled with heated players and the stands with anxious fans. 

With less than three minutes left, the Crusaders and Bulldogs were tied 22 to 22.

With less than two minutes left in the first half of the game, the lead was taken away from the Crusaders and stayed that way as the first half ended 22 to 25.

The third quarter started and ended poorly for the Crusaders as they were still losing.The second to last quarter proved to be substandard for the Crusaders as they were losing to the Bulldogs by 14 points, the score 42 to 28.

The fourth and final quarter had fans watching in suspense as the Bulldogs and Crusaders scored multiple baskets within the first three minutes, the score 32 to 47. Fans were screaming in anticipation as the Crusaders scored basket after basket, finally tying the score at 50 to 50 with less than two minutes left. The game went into overtime.

The Crusaders quickly took the lead as senior Garrett Beagle made a basket. The Crusaders stayed in the lead for the rest of the game, but had a few close calls as Bolles made a three point shot to bring the score to 56 to 53.

Crusader fans were cheering and hollering with excitement as the end of overtime quickly approached. With less than 20 seconds left, junior Gary Anderson made the final basket with a foul shot. With this, the final score was 61 to 55, the Crusaders victorious.