Senior Blues

Tackling upcoming feelings of the end.

Katie Loberger, Business Manager

The unfortunate senioritis is coming upon the seniors now that break is over. Most applications are due in the next couple of days and this implements a feeling of the end. But the way to stay true is to take this semester head on and to come in swinging. I find that after having applied to my colleges and submitting all my materials, that I am struggling to find a reason to care about paying attention. The easiest way I try to stay focused is to consume myself in school work but not to the point of being overwhelmed. 

Grades may seem insignificant now that colleges get your mid year report, but that does not mean to slack. Colleges still look at grades and may ask for a final report and students need to be wary of that. The idea is that after a senior applies and is accepted then everything starts to fade away. This concept lets senioritis slip in and for the grades to drop. But there is always a way to fight it off, it just involves more effort than many seniors are willing to put in.

Bad habits can also start around this time of year because there is a lack of motivation. I follow these steps to keep myself from getting full blown senioritis, grades still matter, stay motivated, fight bad habits before they start, make specific goals and to take it one day at a time.