Seniors Sign for the Stay

Eight BK seniors sign with colleges for sports

Meghan Williamson, Design and Layout Editor

On Wednesday, Nov. 13, prospective athletes around Jacksonville began signing their letters of intent for college athletics. Students are officially signing their letters, but many will have their signings recognized in February for National Signing Day. 

At BK, eight seniors have already signed letters of intent for college athletics other than football. Two girls, Cameron Fenner (Flagler College) and Anna Larmoyeux (Montreat College) signed to continue their volleyball careers. 

In addition to signings for volleyball, students signed for soccer, baseball and basketball. Haynes Grant (University of North Florida), Sophia Hefner (Woffard College), and Chloe Iuliano (Mississippi State) signed their letters of intent to play soccer at the colleges they signed to. Two baseball players signed as well, Colby Halter (University of Florida) and Malik Young (Winthrop University). In addition to them, Amuk Tong (Flagler College) signed a letter of intent to play basketball in college. 

The ceremony for the eight was brief, but it still showcased the athletes. The Nov. 13 signing was the first signing on the BK campus, but there will likely be many more announced in the future. Keep updated on Schoology to see when the next college signing will be!