Christmas Begins Now

There is no reason to wait for December.

Ilaria Georgi, Web Manager

          The moment Halloween is over, it is completely appropriate to begin playing Christmas music. Many argue that since there is still a holiday before Christmas, it is not appropriate until after Thanksgiving. They are wrong for a simple reason: the nature of Thanksgiving and Christmas are the same. It is the feelings of Good Tidings and Joy and Family.

          These feelings are shared in both the holidays of Thanksgiving and Christmas, which means these same feelings are shown in Christmas music. This means that Thanksgiving and Christmas are not so different that they cannot share something as simple as music; the music that gives off the same feelings that are crucial to the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays.

          With no music of its own, Thanksgiving can be seen as a holiday that ultimately just contributes to the feeling of Christmas. Christmas is known as the Season of Giving, so a whole holiday dedicated to Giving Thanks fits right into the Christmas spirit. Christmas also invokes feelings of generosity, so why would it mind sharing its music with another holiday?

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