Skies of Green & Blue

New section of club instituted at Bishop Kenny.

Dailey Jackson, Managing Editor

As the 2019 school year begins, a new section of Science Club, called Blue Green club, has emerged. This program includes an initiative to make a difference in the environment and better the conservation efforts of the BK community. The Blue Green club scheduled its first meeting on September 26th, through the efforts of biology teacher Majorie MacLean.

“The purpose of the club is for Bishop Kenny students to have an outlet for making a difference in the environmental issues of our time, like the plastics that are washing on beaches everywhere harming wildlife,” MacLean said.

Part of the initiative to educate students about the environment began with the installation of gardening planters between the 400 and 200 buildings. Though primarily used by the Experimental Science class to create a contained experiment about plant growth, the Blue Green club will also use one of the planters to see what really matters when having a personal garden.

“Let’s day, can the average person have an effect on the environmental state of our world by having a garden,” MacLean said. 

The “sub-club” also participates in Envirothon, where students can learn about the proper ways to take care of a forest and the importance of soil.