Calling all Creatives!

Pieces Literary Magazine pairs with newspaper to pique student interest.

Rachel Lechwar, Copy Editor

Submissions are now open for the annual art and writing competition, with a few changes from years past. Students who have submitted in the past may remember the singular prompt that remained open until Christmas Break, but the staff of the magazine altered the process to space out multiple prompts throughout the year.

“I really like the idea of having four quarters in the literary magazine, it definitely has a lot of potential,” junior staff member Sephora Affa said. “Dividing the ‘renaissance’ theme into more specific but vague categories hopefully will inspire artists to create and submit more work that they already have made.”

All of the individual prompts are intended to encourage creativity throughout the year and connect to the overarching theme of the cycle of life or ‘renaissance,’ starting with the first prompt: new beginnings. Prompts will be announced in each Issue of the Shield as well as on Schoology. The winners for visual and literary arts will be featured in the next Issue regarding that theme. All themes will be open throughout the year for student submissions. The staff accepts poetry, short stories, photography, digital art, 3D art, paintings— as well as new additions such as song lyrics and film! Click on the link below to submit.