Only Got $20 in My Pocket

How thrift shopping is enjoyable and not.

Rita Albert, Editor-in-Chief

Gently used. Pre-loved. Second-hand. All things that can describe the clothing items found in thrift stores. It has been a trend, especially as of late, to go thrift shopping and find interesting pieces a new home. Thrift shopping also is appealing to many because you can find many large name brands for shockingly low prices. 

There are many benefits to shopping at a thrift store. Firstly, there are many thrift stores in Jacksonville. Clothing from different eras fill these shops, enabling you to expand your style and find unique pieces that no one else would be able to have. It is a fun experience to have with friends who love to shop, especially with the low price points and many sales that are always going on, allowing for more purchases. Find your favorite brands for a fraction of the cost is the best part!

Though exciting, it can be strenuous. After pushing through hundreds of clothing pieces, your arms and back get very tired. I, a short individual, have trouble reaching the top racks at select stores. Sometimes it is difficult to find pieces because the amount of clothing in front of you overwhelming. 

Regardless of these downfalls, the benefits outway the negatives. I recommend thrift shopping to everyone as it can help to destress, redefine, and be tons of fun!