Keep Your Beat in the Heat

Preventing ruined makeup in the heat.

Kaitlyn Bateh, Features Editor

With summer heat still present in September, it can be hard to keep makeup on. With the right technique for a full beatdown, a natural makeup look, or no makeup at all, it is possible to keep both your makeup on and achieve healthy skin.

For those who like to wear a full face of makeup in the summer consisting foundation, concealer, eyeshadow, eyeliner, mascara, and contour, it can be frustrating facing a melty face in the Florida heat. Some easy and inexpensive ways to prevent makeup from melting include using a primer, using more concealer and less foundation, and investing in a setting spray. Primer is a product that provides a base for foundation or concealer. This product provides longevity to makeup throughout the day in the summer heat. Primer comes in the form of cream, gel, powder, or a spray. The key to the right primer is choosing the correct type for your skin. Packaging for primers list ingredients and skin types it benefits the most, so research and careful consideration will make the process in choosing the right primer much easier.

Foundation is typically a heavier product on the skin versus concealer, so using less foundation in the summer is a better option for the skin. This makeup technique for the summer keeps your face feeling light and gives your makeup a better chance of staying on, instead of swearing or melting off. Another method that is ideal for lighter makeup and extending its longevity is to blend with a beauty blender or sponge. Packages of blenders can be purchased at drug stores such as Target or Walmart for five dollars for up to three beauty blenders. Blending your makeup will keep it light since a little bit of product, such as foundation or concealer, goes a long way. 

One product that is good for your makeup and skin is a sunscreen moisturizer. This can be applied under your base before priming and applying foundation and concealer. It is important to protect your face from UV rays year-round, but it is especially crucial to protect your skin from the hotter rays that come with the summer heat. There are also foundations that contain SPF, but sometimes a separate sunscreen moisturizer contains more SPF than a foundation depending on the product. Whatever method desired, checking the SPF contents on the moisturizer or foundation is necessary for quality protection. 

With all of these methods in mind, melty makeup becomes an afterthought. During football season, homecoming night, and any future outdoor occasions, these makeup methods will help keep your beat in the Florida heat.