Carrying the Capstone Banner

AP Capstone prepares students for their future lives and careers.

Meghan Williamson, Design and Layout Editor

During the 2018-2019 school year, Bishop Kenny announced the addition of a new AP class to the curriculum: AP Capstone. No one knew what the class was, or what to expect in the class, but after weeks of learning about they the class was, 10 incoming juniors made the cut and were placed in the class. Micheal Broach is an instructor of AP Capstone.

     “AP Capstone is a two year diploma program where students take two courses and work on collaboration and teamwork,” Broach said. “It models the work that college students will do in their four years at college, not just a typical introductory course.”

     The course itself consists of two classes: AP Seminar and AP Research. Students who passed the AP exams for these classes as well as four other AP classes at their school are eligible to earn a Capstone Diploma. Students who do not pass the exams or just take AP Capstone earn the Capstone Certificate. 

     At a seminar over the summer, Broach learned about the positive impact AP Capstone has on students’ futures. 

     “Students who take the two year program already have a higher chance of getting into colleges and into their honors program because of the interdisciplinary course layout,” Broach said.  

     Through the two year program, Broach hopes to help the students possess skills  that will allow them to excel even further in college.