Fifteen Fresh Faces

Multiple teachers hired for upcoming school year.

New German teacher, Carol Hollen, prepares for the start of the new year.

Dailey Jackson, Managing Editor

     The Bishop Kenny community welcomed fifteen new faculty and staff members for the 2019-2020 school year. Among them includes two new social studies teachers, four new language arts teachers, and one new school counselor. 

     Approximately two weeks after the first day of school, the new teachers are quickly adjusting to the rituals and routines of Bishop Kenny. One new teacher, Marisa Pellicer, who taught at the school many years ago, missed the everyday prayer that she got to experience with her students, and even contributed it to one of the reasons why she came back.

     “I love that we pray at the start of every single class,” said Pellicer. “When I left Bishop Kenny before, I missed that opportunity to pray seven times a day, as a set time to settle your heart to all the new people, and it honestly feels like a warm hug.”

     Some of the new teachers have already started getting involved in after school events and organizations to further support their students and colleagues. One such teacher, Connor Richardson, attended the very first home football game of the season, and plans to attend more events in the future. 

     “I went to the football game last week, and I’ll be at the volleyball tournament on Saturday for the freshmen,” said Richardson. “I want to try to go to as many of those as I can.”