Grad Bash Goodness

Seniors spend their Friday night and Saturday morning enjoying Universal Studios.

Max Montana, Managing Editor

    Streaming out of the five buses and into the decadent amusement park, members of the ‘Class of 2019’ giddily gazed at the series of loop-the-loops dubbed the Hollywood Rip Ride Rockit, the grand stage set up for DJ Nasty’s much-awaited appearance and the bevy of smiling faces of attendants welcoming them.

    “The amount of people was overwhelming,” senior Lucia Macchi said. “It was cool to be around so many excited people.”

    The park stayed open from 7 pm-2 am, which gave seniors from high schools around the entire state of Florida ample time to check out the Hulk, savor some butter beer and win a carnival prize at the Simpson’s section of the park.

    “I did Rip Ride Rockit, Spider-Man, Men in Black and the Harry Potter ride,” senior Marian Cabrey said. “Around 11:15 pm, we got really tired and just wanted to sit [so we stopped riding].”

    Many people were littered and sprawled out on benches throughout the park as Friday turned in Saturday, but the gates allowing the seniors to leave would not open until 2 am.

    “It’s like when you’re waiting all day to get your lunch to eat and it’s finally lunch mod and you get to go into the lunch room and get pizza and a big drink,” senior Michael Sissine said. “It was great.”

    The fleet of five buses returned to Bishop Kenny around 5 am with the crew of teenagers tiredly staggering out and returning safely home.