Service Hours in a Snap

How to receive 25 hours of Christian Service by the deadline

Emily Yalch, Web Manager

    It’s March 14th, the day before service hours are due and you still have a 0 under the service hours section, what do you do? At this point it may be too late but, if you start now there are many opportunities for each and every student and Bishop Kenny. First of, in Campus Ministry there is a list of many service hour opportunities each week. In addition to scheduled events, teachers around Kenny are willing to give service hours for simple tasks around the school. It is much easier to slowly collect service hours throughout the year by being involved in service clubs, and participating in camps over summer. There are so many different opportunities to receive service hours that there is one that fits each and every person’s abilities and preferences. Some might view service hours as a chore but if you find the right event it is not only fun, but benefits the community in a positive way.